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"I must have flowers, always,

and always."

Claude Monet


Laetitia C.‘s floral design studio is the realisation of a childhood dream.

After a degree in History of Art followed by a few years working in England in the world of museums and heritage conservation, I finally settled in New Zealand.

It is in that beautiful country, where nature rules, that I trained as a florist.

As a child, I used to watch in wonder as my grand-mother, mother and aunts composed bouquets with flowers from their own gardens.

Later, as a teenager, I often found myself standing, as if mesmerised, in front of florist shop windows.

I just had to get closer and try it out for myself; it was

my calling.

In 2003, back in my own country of France, and in this beautiful region of Provence, with my diploma in floristry and a deep passion for the plant world, I decided to turn this childhood dream into reality; l’atelier Laetitia C. was born.

Not a shop but a studio, where I am available to discuss requirements with my clients and future newlyweds.

From boho vintage to contemporary, I will offer you my vision. It may be understated and elegant, or poetic and inspired, but always with great attention to detail and a true fascination for the ever inspiring plant world.



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